Add to your home's curb appeal with house name plates

House Name Plates

Homeowners Can Express Creativity Through House Name Plates

brass house name platesHouse name plates are a great way for homeowners to express their own individual taste and style reflected inside their homes and out into their front doors, lawns or porches. They are also more than mere decorative pieces or accessories, but informative markers to make sure the postman does not miss a homeowner’s address or name. Those living in apartment complexes or condominium buildings would especially be able to stand out from among rows and rows of front doors and corridors. Individuals who have home-based businesses or offices, such as small-time entrepreneurs or professionals such as lawyers, doctors, dentists, realtors or consultants can also benefit from displaying some information about their business in front of their residences.

There is an almost endless array of materials and designs to choose from for house name plates. The most traditional and easiest-to-install designs are raised, built-up or cut-out numbers and letters that are attached on a home’s wall, front door or porch. These are usually made of solid metal such as brass or stainless steel, or even made of more affordable plastic coated with metallic material. Wood or simulated wood is another option. It all depends on the existing theme or design of a home.

house name platesWith the aid of computers, these days any and all designs can be made into house name plates. With the variety of modern materials and manufacturing techniques as well, executing these designs is a breeze. A homeowner’s imagination is the only limit. For instance, once a design is finalized, it can be cut out on plastic or acrylic using lasers, or printed on acrylic sheets using high-tech large format printers. One of the most common, inexpensive, and versatile designs these days is an acrylic “sandwich” plate, or a holder that is composed of two sheets of clear acrylic held together and attached on a wall using screw knobs. A design can be simply printed on paper and inserted between the acrylic sheets, and can be conveniently removed and replaced as desired.

This innovative holder can allow homeowners to change house name plates depending on the season or occasion—whether Christmas or New Year, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, or even personal family occasions such as birthdays, baptisms, or school graduation. All these occasions can be commemorated with a special design. This type of holder design is also extremely economical to use by apartment or condominium complex managers, especially for units being rented out or leased. With occupants or businesses often coming in and leaving, the apartment or room number can easily be updated with the occupant’s new name or other vital information.

engraved house name platesMoreover, these acrylic plates can be used not only as a house number or name sign only. They can be used inside the house as well, to label family members’ respective rooms. Children and teenagers would definitely love this idea of providing them their own sense of personal space and independence. Other areas in the home can be labeled appropriately as well, such as the guest room, powder room, and others. Coming up with house name plates is a fun, easy and economical project to undertake with the whole family.

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